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January Bookclass
Let’s get organized and creative

2020 – January ‘ART BOOK’ Class, let’s get the ball rolling…

Let’s dive into plans and schedules and lists and desires with  Rebecca Spooner’s book, “Journal Me

Organized.” You will receive a prompt every Monday to promote your own personal practice and

organization, and then on Saturday January 25th, 10am – 12:30 we will meet at the studio. Bring your

show and tell, the book and art supplies and we will use the text as a workbook and play and make art and

talk about our findings and share what we learned and planned for and want to create for ourselves.

Get yourself a copy and sign up for January and get your practice going early this year. We’ll have a great time together.

Sign up here:  January Book Class, $70. 

AND here is the rundown for class at two Hands Paperie Spring 2020 semester:

Dead Easy Drawing      Sunday, February 9th, 12-4:00pm    | $85 | 

Wild and Wonky Faces      Saturday, February 29th, 12-4:00pm    | $85 | 

and, Asemic Writing – Abstract Calligraphy    Sunday, April 5th, noon – 4:00pm  | $95 | 

Sign up for these through Two Hands Paperie:


One more thing :: personal and in depth Creativity Coaching at the Studio:

Creativity Coaching

Sign up here for an hour long creative session in person or via skype.
See where we can nudge your work further and deeper and longer. Find room in your life for this important practice, with support.
Let’s see what we can do together to get you back on track or get you started!

One hour session, $90. We will set up a time with payment.

For more information, email me ::




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