shoesAlix Christian plays with fire. She is an encaustic artist who mixes beeswax and tree resin with pigmented colors, then heats the layers with a blow torch. This gives her artwork an etherial look and feel and provides endless possibilities of putting mixed mediums into her work.

She has shown her work as far south as Austin Texas; north to Minnesota. She has shown throughout the Southwest with many pieces in the homes of collectors in the Amarillo Texas area where she was a professor of art at Amarillo College. She has also been represented by galleries in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico and AustinTexas.

Alix earned a BFA at the College of Art and Design in Portland Oregon, and an MA in Art History and MFA in Studio Arts at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas, all the while trying to live the cowgirl life which was a bit difficult for a Norwegian girl who grew up around the bachelor farmers in Minnesota.

Alix has been a tumbling tumbleweed most of her semi-adult and adult life. She was born in Buffalo Minnesota, went to art school in Portland Oregon, began her design career in Dallas Texas, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to become a real artist, stayed until her money ran out, moved to Amarillo, Texas which will always hold a warm place in her heart. From there she went to Detroit, Michigan during the worst of the economic downturn (which was an eye opening experience and a huge adventure) and then. . . and then . . . got to land in Colorado, which she love, love, loves and hopes to stay for a very long time.