alix christian art @garage gallery  ::   4593 North Broadway C-105

2015 classes and open studio times posted – click on the “work with me” link 

a lot of really good things started in a garage. and so, the continuation of “living my best creative life”. beeswax and tree resin and painting with fire. call it encaustic. and it’s about sharing this luscious medium with others. and about writing and drawing and art journalling and taking risks with making marks on paper and into wax and heating with a torch. the bees continue to teach me to paint naturally, with intention and deep attention. letting life lead and learning from the choices I make and experiences that end up in front of me. taking the diversions I need and trying my best to learn the lessons, try handling  them with a bit of grace and grow and learn.  join me, in the gallery. we can experiment together, at the garage.